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Mechatronic system engineering

Internship: transforming medical isotope production

  • thermodynamics
  • mechanics
  • robotics
  • automation
  • development

Educational level: bachelor/academic



An international consortium, including Demcon, is developing a unprecedented method that will transform the way medical isotopes are produced. Since the early 1950’s, medical isotopes are produced in nuclear reactor facilities. However, this process is a by-product of those facilities and produces a lot of radioactive waste, with often long half-life time. In addition these facilities run on enriched Uranium and must abide strict non-proliferation rules. Finally, only 3 large facilities in the world produce more than 80% of the medical isotopes, constituting significant supply risk if one of them is down.


The consortium develops a process and a facility that produces the same medical isotopes using a high-energy electron beam. This process is practically clean, producing only a small fraction of radioactive waste of only short-lived products and it uses no Uranium.


However, the process requires directing high energy electrons at a very small volume, posing enormous heat load to the involved materials. This poses significant challenges in areas such as thermodynamics and mechanical strength of materials, but also robotics and automation.


We are looking for talented interns and graduation students to join us in creating state of the art equipment. Do you have a background in mechanical, electrical and software engineering, (technical) Physics, or mathematics? Join the team!


You will be supervised by engineers from the mechatronic system engineering department.


We offer

DEMCON offers a dynamic, growing and innovative organisation. With our complex projects and multidisciplinary teams we offer you a lot of challenge and variety in this internship. Thanks to enthusiastic and committed colleagues, our working atmosphere is good, open and informal, with a flat organizational structure. We will offer you opportunities for further training and personal development, so that you can continue to grow. We applaud you taking initiative and we will give you space to do it. Also, we will offer you an internship allowance and flexible employment conditions.


If you would like to receive more information concerning the internship, you can contact Bas Vet, senior mechatronic system engineer (phone: 088 115 2000).


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