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Software engineering

Internship: test automation of C# in GUI applications

  • software
  • C#
  • GUI
  • framework
  • implementation

Educational level: bachelor/academic

Duration: 6 months


While a lot of work is put in the analysis, design and implementation of applications, testing the result is equally important in getting a qualitative good product. While it is practically impossible to test ‘everything’ a limited set of tests is defined that is deemed to be sufficient. With large projects, even this limited set might take days to get through, so usually a subset is used on release, especially when releases are made on regular basis. The risk of this approach is that faults remain unfound and cause failures in the field.


An alternative approach is to automate the tests as much as possible. Several techniques exist to test parts of the application, and there are even methods to automate the GUI interaction, and therefore replace manual application tests. In this internship this technique will be applied to a large medical project that is being developed and maintained within Demcon.


In detail the following is expected:

  • Analyse the applicability automated GUI testing in general and on the target project.
  • Analyse the available options in automatic GUI testing frameworks
  • Define a subset of tests in the current test plan that can be replaced by automatic tests
  • Implement tests in the automatic GUI testing framework
  • Document the approach, findings and best practices so that introduction in later projects will be easy.


The student will be supervised by engineers from the software engineering department.


We offer

DEMCON offers a dynamic, growing and innovative organisation. With our complex projects and multidisciplinary teams we offer you a lot of challenge and variety in this position. Thanks to enthusiastic and committed colleagues, our working atmosphere is good, open and informal, with a flat organizational structure. We will offer you opportunities for further training and personal development, so that you can continue to grow. We applaud you taking initiative and we will give you space to do it. Also, we will offer you a competitive salary and flexible employment conditions.


If you would like to receive more information concerning the internship, you can contact Frits Kuipers, software engineer (phone: 088 115 2000).

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