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Afstudeerstage: Design of a steerable guidewire for endovascular applications

Title : Design of a steerable guidewire for endovascular applications
Start : In alignment with student
Duration : +/- 7-9 months
Education level : Academic
Education : Mechanical Engineering
Location : Enschede


The company:

DEMCON is a high-end technology supplier of products and systems, with focus areas high-tech systems, industrial systems, embedded systems and medical systems. As a system supplier, DEMCON can meet the entire needs of its clients, from proof of principle, prototype and pre-production to serial production. In more than 20 years, the business has grown to become the DEMCON Group (with more than 600 employees in 2020).

The core business of DEMCON is doing contract R&D and production for our clients in the area of mechatronics. Over the years, our developments for the medical device industry has grown to over more than half of the turnover of the whole DEMCON group. Within the area of medical systems, DEMCON had also acquired and started daughter companies which also sell devices and technology to end-users, like Finapres, Macawi and DEMCON Medical Robotics.

With DEMCON Medical Robotics, the goal is to commercialize products focussing on image guided interventions, meaning minimal invasive technology steered by different imaging modalities (MRI, CT, etc.). Two projects which are currently running are related to the positioning of needles in tumours for biopsy and ablation of cancer cells.


Insertion of a guidewire. (



The project:

In the Steerable Guidewire project, we want to develop a steerable guidewire for endovascular applications in the smallest category of Ø 0.36mm. Currently, guidewires are used for all kinds of endovascular procedures like placing stents, coils or doing embolizations. However, the guidewires that are used nowadays are not steerable in situ at the tip for such small diameters.

Together with a partner company in Enschede, DEMCON developed a new concept for a small and steerable guidewire. This concept incorporates a special structure build from memory metal with pull wires inside. The concept allows for more precise steering of the guidewires and allows the physician for a better control of his procedure.


Impression of rotation and bending actuation at the tip of the guidewire.


A further optimization of the concept would be a better controllability of the tip by improving the interaction of the pull wires with the guidewire. This optimization would allow the surgeon to have better controllability at the tip.

The Assignment:

The assignment has been defined as first doing research how the pull wires would interact with the guidewires. By means of analyses (e.g. hand calculations / matlab/ FEM) a theory should be defined regarding this interaction. Next, there is a possibility to test the theory by doing experiments. Once this research has been finalized, the obtained knowledge should be implemented in the guidewire design.


During the assignment, you will be helped and supervised by both DEMCON and employees and by the group of precision engineering.


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If you would like to receive more information concerning the internship, you can contact Arnoud van der Stelt, Mechanical Specialist (phone 088 115 2750). If you would like to apply for the internship, please send your motivation letter and resume to Marleen Blanckenborg, recruiter (e-mail:


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