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about Demcon.

At Demcon, it’s all about engineering. Complex projects, that is what drives us and what we are really good at. We prefer to start with a blank sheet to build the system concepts starting at the core of the problem. The derived concepts are realised in our own workshop, if desired.

We push our technological and geographical boundaries and constantly look for new technical and innovative challenges. This way we develop new, useful technologies for the social issues of clients and other stakeholders. We consequently work for a wide range of clients in different market areas.

We are active in various markets:

> agri & food
> defense & security

> high-tech systems & materials
> life science & health
> smart industry
> water & maritime

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combining knowledge in the Demcon group.

Together with companies in the Demcon group, we support clients with a diverse range of competencies. The disciplines in the Demcon group intensively work together as a result of which we are able to elevate our complete offer of products and services to a higher level. The companies in the Demcon group are highly diverse ranging from a metal injection moulding company to a 3D animation and illustration firm that visually communicates complex concepts. And from a developer of micro cryogenic coolers to a developer of breathing systems.