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Software engineering

Software engineering at DEMCON starts by contributing ideas about the system architecture and is characterized by the application of various algorithms and the validation of these algorithms. This is why we are not only involved in programming hardware and interface controls. Our strength lies in our ability to quickly adopt new developments and devise new solutions.


Diversity in technology, process and content

We develop machine software over a broad spectrum, ranging from compact embedded control systems to advanced user friendly interfaces. Diversity is always present. Not only in the wide scale of technologies that are used to realise the development, but also in the development processes themselves. These processes range from a quick project for the purpose of excluding technological risks to model-driven engineering for developing reliable software.


Agile development of tangible and intangible components

Through our Agile way of working, we are able to quickly change gears and work on developing, implementing and testing the required components. The implementation of our software for (complex) machine control systems consists of:

  • The tangible component, such as the man-machine interface (MMI) or the graphical user interface (GUI) for which we use modern frameworks, such as C#WPF and QT/C++.
  • The intangible component, the control or embedded software including state-of-the-art tooling for the development of a micro controller, an embedded PC, a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) or a Digital Signal Processor (DSP).

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