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Project management

The success we achieve for every project is a team effort. As project managers we form the bridge between the client and the project team. To be able to realise the best possible solution we align requirements and engineering within the conditions set by our clients.


Negotiating and monitoring agreements

We oversee and manage the entire process from the initial discussions during a request for proposal phase through to the final delivery. Our task is to ensure that the timeline and the finances are under control and that the right team is in place. As project manager we are the first point of contact for the client. We negotiate and monitor agreements so as to maintain client and team satisfaction. In addition, we:

  • See to it that the development is completed in three phases: proof-of-principle, prototype and industrialisation (if applicable).
  • Monitor the use of the quality systems together with the quality lead engineer.
  • Have final responsibility together with the technical lead engineer and ensure that the right design decisions are taken on time, a comprehensive technical overview is developed and that the design decisions are coordinated with the various disciplines.


Transfer to production

An important area for attention for us is the transfer of a design to production whether it be in-house or at the client site. We involve production aspects, such as producibility, the cost of materials, purchasing conditions and agreements on numbers, in the design as early as possible. The construction, verification and certification (if necessary) of prototypes at the end of the development phase is our responsibility.

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