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We are responsible for setting up and running production. Manufacturability in all its facets is a high priority for us. This is why the engineers in cooperation with us optimise every design in relation to cost, production techniques and assembly.


Small volumes, but may different systems

We do not produce large volumes of a product, but we do produce many different products and systems of a mechatronic and complex character.


Transition from design to production process

Our production engineers are responsible for the manufacturing strategy for internal products and for safeguarding and documenting the assembly process. They:

  • Are responsible for making the transition from the design to the production process and act as the link between various parties, including the engineers, the quality department and production.
  • Provide support for realising and qualifying prototypes and pilots aimed at volume production.
  • Are responsible for the technical release of new product documentation and acceptance related to manufacturability.


Prototyping, industrialisation, volume production

We look after the physical realisation of the design produced by the engineers. Depending on the client’s wishes we assemble a prototype or add a well-thought-out procurement and assembly process, so that we can start up the volume production process. This happens during the industrialisation phase. If desired, we can also look after the entire volume production after this phase.

Vacancies in the department Production

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