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Optical and vision engineering

The common thread running through all our work is the use of light. For example for measuring or acquiring an image. Thanks to the diversity of our projects we are involved in a wide variety of aspects relating to our profession, such as optomechatronics, deep learning and machine vision.


Optics and vision

We work on systems for a variety of sectors, including semiconductor production (lithography), space travel, and the life sciences. In the field of optics we are responsible for the development of imaging optics, optical measuring systems and lighting optics. On the basis of our vision expertise we are responsible for the development of (industrial) inspection systems, surface characterization, 3D measuring systems and highly precise positioning systems. With a well-designed optics lab and vision laboratory we are able to work with different light sources, lasers, lenses and cameras.


From design to testing and qualification

We always use a systems-based approach to our work. In practical terms this means that in a project:

  • We develop the specifications for the potential solution together with the client.
  • We test the principles most likely to succeed and implement the most promising concept in detail. During this phase, for vision systems, we select the proper lighting techniques and devices, the proper method of acquiring images and we develop and/or program the necessary vision algorithms. For optical systems, we specify the optical components in this phase.
  • We investigate whether the solution in fact meets all requirements through testing or on the basis of qualification set-ups specifically designed for this purpose.
  • We are involved in the handover to the client and/or the realisation of the project, for example by integrating our product into existing systems.

Vacancies in the department Optical and vision engineering

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