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Mechatronic system engineering

Mechatronics is DEMCON’s multi-disciplinary specialism and mechatronic system engineering consequently forms the heart of our engineering firm. With our perseverance we are able to work out concepts, balance various aspects and make the required choices. We keep going until things work.


Concept Development

Typical of our approach is the V model. On the basis of this model we go through all of the phases of the development process on a step-by-step basis. We generally do this for multiple projects at the same time. As mechatronic system engineers we are responsible for:

  • Translating the client request into technical specifications and conceiving of innovative concepts and solutions, whereby we investigate the feasibility.
  • Exploring various problem-solving approaches and, in contact with the various disciplines, gathering specific knowledge about the possibilities and impossibilities. We do this in various ways, for example through testing with proof-of-principle prototypes. This way we investigate the feasibility and compare concepts on the basis of performance and additional client requirements.
  • Designing and monitoring the architecture and interfaces.
  • Delivering the design, including the prototype, of a product or system. This includes documentation, tests and verification with which we demonstrate that the design meets the client’s wishes.


Advancing into suitable roles

As we gain more experience as engineers, we can advance into different roles.

  • System architect: primarily active in the start phase of a project, devises concepts, is available for consultation and reviews. System architects have a highly determining role that provides direction to a project.
  • Lead engineer: on the basis of content also takes on responsibility for part of the organisation of a project. Together with the project leader they have final responsibility for a project.

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