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Mechanical engineering

At DEMCON, the common denominator in development projects is that the product is always complex and often has never been built before. We are responsible for ensuring that ideas become tangible and are designed in such a way that all components form a single entity and do exactly what they are intended to do. We see the systems that we developed ourselves come to life.


More than just designing and constructing

Aside from drawing, calculating and constructing throughout the entire process, we are also involved in:

  • Working on test set ups in our own engineering lab;
  • Helping prototype engineers in assembling our design for the first time;
  • Assisting operators in the production department in optimising the assembly process.


Designing on the basis of knowledge and insight

We always aim for a simple solution to complex challenges. We design on the basis of stiffness, degrees of freedom, extensive knowledge of materials and knowledge of many (production) techniques. We work on the basis of a number of basic principles.

  • We keep asking questions. Just as long as it takes for us to respond to the actual need instead of the (initial) request.
  • We reduce the problem statement to its essence in order to come up with a fundamental solution from this perspective. This way we avoid combating symptoms and unnecessary complexity.
  • We keep going until it works. If things temporarily do not go as expected we take responsibility. Through effective consultation and by testing we provide a comprehensive – pragmatic – rationale for our (draft) designs.


Everyone has his/her own role

Within the (project) team, depending on the project’s complexity and implementation, we fulfil different, sometimes multiple, roles. Where one person checks whether the request matches the actual problem and assumes technical responsibility, another ensures that there is a working entity by converting ideas into 3D CAD. Often one of us is responsible for a specific issue, for example relating to the practicability of injection moulding, FEM analyses or dynamic analyses.

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