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Life cycle support

We are responsible for DEMCON’s products and systems after they have been supplied to the client and are installed. We therefore are the first point of contact for the client for any questions they may have. We subsequently translate these questions and wishes into concrete actions. We also play an important role in the continued development of existing products.


Link between client and engineer

Our activities are diverse and range from preventive and corrective maintenance to managing the stocks of spare parts. The delivered product always is the centre of our focus. We maintain close contact with the Quality Engineering department and the employees associated with the projects in our charge. We also give training courses to clients in which we cover the maintenance they can perform themselves. It is important for us to keep our knowledge of the products we manage up to par.


From maintenance to product improvement

We fulfil three roles in our department:

  • Test engineer: works with production employees to address any potential future problems during the test phase.
  • Service engineer: performs maintenance and provides emergency repair services.
  • Sustaining engineer: knows the product inside out and is responsible for design changes to the product.

Vacancies in the department Life cycle support