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Industrial design engineering

At DEMCON we are often not only faced with a complex technical challenge, but also with the need for creating a product that is user friendly and also has a beautiful design. We are responsible for the ‘visible and touchable’ part of the system, such as the housing and the user interface.


Full-fledged design agency

We have all industrial design competencies in-house and are involved in the entire process. Because we are able to interact effectively with other DEMCON disciplines, we are able to develop optimal solutions for the end-user. And although our expertise somewhat overlaps that of the mechanical engineers, we are a seperate discipline at DEMCON. With our knowledge of materials and production techniques, we are also able to develop products that are produced in series.


The end-user is key

Because the complexity of projects and products increases, it is important to clearly identify the end-user’s wishes and requirements. The interaction between the user and the product is often critical. Attention for usability, design, ergonomics and safety is then essential. During the process, the objective/goal is continuously clarified. During the user-centred design process we constantly validate the progress with future users with the aid of visualisations and prototypes.


Visualising, testing and detailing creative solutions

To obtain high-quality results we:

  • Use creativity techniques designed to promote out-of-the-box thinking;
  • Develop hand sketches on paper and digitally;
  • Create mock-ups and perform usability testing to test the initial ideas;
  • Use 3D CAD tools to detail concepts and make them suitable for production.

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